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HARAHILLS PRO ColorOrigin 8NB Light Brown

HARAHILLS PRO ColorOrigin 8NB Light Brown

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Ammonia & PPD-Free Hair Dye, Ensuring Minimal Scalp Irritation

Safety, as pursued by 'HARAHILLS PRO COLOR ORIGIN,' is synonymous with the purity bestowed by nature and plants, harmoniously blended with cutting-edge technology to create products that enhance beauty.

'HARAHILLS PRO COLOR ORIGIN' has been developed through continuous tests in order to seamlessly blend two potentially contrasting essences.

'HARAHILLS PRO COLOR ORIGIN,' infused with Snail Mucin

Chondroitin sulfate, a vital ingredient, combines with protein to provide hydration and nutrients, maintaining healthy hair.

Experience a gentle hair dye, gentle on the eyes and scalp


Gentle on skin, no PPD or ammonia for less irritation

Our ammonia-free formula minimizes scalp and eye irritation. It's a permanent hair color without PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Our gentle hair dye ensures safety and a pleasant, odor-free experience.



Safely intensify color as our hair colorants deeply penetrate the hair cortex for maximized effect. The cuticle layer coating ensures color retention, preventing fading and hair loss.


Hair strengthening with ultra-low molecular collagen & keratin, and peptide

Strengthens damaged hair after dyeing with low molecular collagen & protein, while also helping with hair shine.

Patented Extracts


Plant-derived ingredients for scalp protection and improvement

Vegetable Peptide


Keratin makes up 80% of hair!
The beginning of damaged hair care is supplying protein.  

GPH PHYTOHAIRPEP, derived from Chlorella Protothecoides,
is a microalgae fungal powder with over 60% made up of plant-based proteins.
It contains substances rich in various vitamins and minerals that help
supply nutrients deep into hair and improve hair texture.


Ultra-low molecular

Hydrolyzed Keratin

Penetrates deep into hair with lower molecular weight compared to normal low molecular keratin

Keratin prevents hair damage from physical (blow drying, brushing)
or chemical (perm, hair dye, UV rays) stress and maintains hair elasticity and firmness.

Ultra-low molecular

Hydrolyzed Collagen

High molecular protein with high absorbtion
Contains 300Da of ultra-low molecular collagen

#Hair & Scalp Elasticity

#Improves hair dryness/hair glow

#Improves hair thinning

#Prevents Static

#Prevents Hair Loss


About 60% of the human body is water.
15-20% is lipids, 20% is protein, and rest are various minerals.
Collagen makes up 30% of protein.
6% of the body other than water is collagen.
Collagen plays a significant role in supporting the scalp and is a major component of hair.



Those who are looking for hair dyes that are non-irritant

Those who are looking for long lasting color

Those who are concerned about hair damage after dyeing

Those who are looking for hair colorant with less odor

Those who can't even pull out grey hair due to thinning hair


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