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Gcoop Body Lotion 300ml

Gcoop Body Lotion 300ml

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Body lotion to moisturise dry and rough skin

New Upgrade

Good Ingredients, texture, and design!
Carecella Body Lotion is now even more special.

Rematched Good Ingredients
Safe for the whole family,
More moisturising after use Moisture Retention
Not heavy! Conveniently
Available in a pump

Skin Soothing, Nourishing

What it contains

Containing honey extract and Propolis extract, it soothes sensitive skin caused by irritation and creates a moisturising film of oil and moisture for glowing skin.

Dry Skin Sufficient Moisturizing Effect

Contains white wood mushroom polysaccharide, a plant-based moisturiser that attracts up to 500 times its own weight in moisture, Annatto seed oil that softens rough skin texture, and ceramide that helps protect the skin barrier to relieve itching caused by dryness and provide sufficient moisturising effect.

It's full of moisture,  the more you massage it,  the more hydrated it becomes

Sodium hyaluronate and trehalose contain moisture that spreads as it is rubbed into the skin, forming a moisturising film on dry skin that has lost moisture due to stimulation from the external environment.

A non-greasy moisturising lotion type

Packed with moisture that spreads gently as it is rubbed into the skin, the condensed ingredients in GCOOP Body Lotion provide intensive hydration and moisturising care.

Fragrance FREE, Fragranced with only vegetable oils

Lavender oil, which spreads subtly without irritation, brings comfort to the body and gives it a unique freshness and cleanliness.

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