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MyoLift 7eWellness QT Plus: Personalized Skincare Coach

MyoLift 7eWellness QT Plus: Personalized Skincare Coach

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• Your very own skincare coach: The QT Plus app uses micro-current technology along with AI to recommend tutorials and guidelines that are suitable for your skin. Our goal is to empower women and restore confidence with non-invasive treatments.

• How to use? : The device is highly convenient and you can use it whenever and wherever you want to. You will fill out a quick assessment that determines your skin type and then curates an optimum plan for you. You will then have access to tutorials, reminders, daily tips and one-on-one guidance from expert estheticians.

• How to use Offline? : The device can easily be used in an Offline mode. Simply, Open the MyoLift QT App, Turn on the device and open the Offline Treatment. Now select Intensity level, Waveform mode and Treatment Time. Press Enable App Free mode to save the settings. The Device will Turn Off, Kindly Turn On the Device again. The Device is ready to be used in an Offline Mode.

• Additional Perks: The app keeps record of your preferences and provides before and after images so that you can observe results by following the treatment. Get to know more about the potential of micro-current technology by attending live sessions with expert estheticians.

• Ideal for home use: The QT Plus device lifts your skin with non-invasive micro-current technology. You a small amount of time and get maximum benefits in the comfort of your home.

• Who is it made for? : Women who are looking to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and get more youthful looking skin.

• What makes us unique: Micro-current technology is non-invasive and delivers instant results. The device is safe and portable, and is ideal to get desired results with minimum time and effort.

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