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Gcoop CareCella ECOER SNOW Sulfur Soap 4 pack

Gcoop CareCella ECOER SNOW Sulfur Soap 4 pack

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CareCella ECOER SNOW Sulfur Soap x 4 EA 

Clean and Gentle Handmade Soap for Whole Family

Handmade Soap Made with Love

ECOER SNOW Handmade Sulfur Soap is made by combining coconut oil and sodium hydroxide, causing a chemical reaction which then undergoes low-temperature fermentation.
(Cold Process/CP soap)

What is CP?

CP, or cold process soap, refers to low-temperature fermented soap. It is typically produced by combining plant-based oils, sodium hydroxide, and purified water at a low temperature range, followed by a drying period of 24 to 48 hours.

Contains 100ppm of sulfur

Formulated with Himalayan rock salt, which is rich in sulfur.

Each soap bar contains approximately 100ppm of sulfur because it is made with Himalayan Rock Salt, which is rich in sulfur.

What is Himalayan Rock Salt?

HImalayan salt was formed by the evaporation of large bodies of water in ancient times (approx 250 million years ago). It has undergone tremendous pressure over hundreds and thousands of years, and is rich in many trace minerals including sulfur.

Limited to ingredient properties

Benefits of Sulfur
Sulfur helps to support healthy skin, and with Ecoer Snow Sulfur Soap you can enjoy the benefits of sulfur hot springs in the comfort of your own home.

In Asia, sulfur is a prized ingredient used in a variety of ways
for a wide range of health benefits.

[Naver Encyclopedia] Sulfur (Encyclopedia of Korean Culture,
The Academy of Korean Studies) / Limited to ingredient properties.

Contains Yogurt Extract

Yogurt contains bifidobacteria which helps to support skin health

Key Ingredients of Yogurt:

Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Calcium, Manganese

1. Abundant in protein and Vitamin B2 to nourish the skin and leave skin feeling hydrated.

2.  Lactic acid found in yogurt includes AHA, which helps with exfoliation, and the fat content also helps to keep skin feeling smooth and soft.

3.  The probiotics in yogurt also help to make the skin appear brighter

Rated as "Excellent" by Dermatest

Received a rating of “Excellent” after a 24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour experiment,
from the world renown German dermatological research institute Dermatest.


Recommended for:

Those who want a soap with a rich foamy lather

Those who want a soap with sulfur
Those who want a soap that's perfect for the whole family
Those who want a mild and gentle soap


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